Our customers are truly amazing!  We got another email from a customer to say thank you to us for our service.  As always, it was our pleasure!


Dear Kim and Donnalouise

It has taken me a while to send this email to you to say a heart felt thank you to you both.  I am truly a different person, in every sense of the word!  I was inspired to contact you after that wonderful lady shared her photos of “before” and “after” her visit to your shop last week.

Unfortunately, I am not blessed with boobs as amazing as hers, I think I must have been way down the line when they were being given out, but, I am now much happier with what I have thanks to my new shape, and to you girls.

I came into your shop for the first time 5 weeks ago.  Weirdly, similar to “Katie” – that’s what I’m calling the lady who emailed you last week, because I reckon her boobs must be as famous as Jordan’s now, I had always gone to a department store to be measured.  I was often happy enough with the service, but I continuously had the same problem with my bras – they always marked my skin, to the point where I was very uncomfortable.  I couldn’t wait for night-time to arrive so I could take off my bra. Well, now my story is entirely different!  I love my new bras, and I love the new me!

I have included pictures of me “before” and “after” your fitting service.  You might remember that I asked you to take a photo while I was in the shop, because I couldn’t immediately see the difference in the mirror.  Even though it’s not as obvious as Katie’s, I personally think that there is a marked improvement in my shape.  I have no more discomfort, and my skin isn’t being irritated by wearing a bra that is too big for me.  I can’t believe that in that department store they gave me a 36, when in actual fact, as you proved to me, I am only a 32.  What a difference a bra makes!

I felt so comfortable being measured and fitted by you.  There was nothing daunting or off-putting about the experience.  In fact, it was so friendly and personal, that I have recommended to many of my friends that they should pay you a visit.

That day that I was with you, I bought the beautiful Ava plunge bra, (and matching briefs of course!).  I have since been back every week to build up my stock and have bought 2 sports bras and the fantastic Porcelain Elan.

I brought my mum into you the following week and she is also amazed at the difference in herself.  My two daughters have also had the “Little Pleasures” of being brought along, and needless to say, they are thrilled too.  So, there’s 3 generations of my family frequenting your gorgeous shop now.

So, my advice to all the ladies out there, pay a visit to Little Pleasures Lingerie!  It’s time to take care of yourself, your body and most especially, your boobs!

Thanks again for your wonderful service.  See you both soon again.



PS – Congrats on your new website, it looks incredible!  I’m delighted to say that I’ve bought from that today.  Best of luck with it.

Also, feel free to share this wherever you would like.  Your shop is not just for the “Katie’s” of this world, it’s also for the ones like me with the smaller boobs.