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Panache – Good Fit, Bad Fit


Make sure you’re not one of the 80% of women wearing the wrong size bra with our 5 quick bra fitting tips. Using the guide below, you can determine if you have a good fit, or bad fit, and what you can do to correct it.



  • Are the straps digging in, are they supporting too much weight?

Solution: The underband may not be giving enough support so a smaller back size may be needed.

  • Is there wrinkling or space at the top and sides of the cup? Solution: A smaller cup size is needed. Is the bust bulging over the cups at the neck edge and/or the underarm?

Solution: A larger cup size is needed.

  • Is there space at the bottom of the cups or is the wire sitting on breast tissue?

Solution: A smaller or larger cup size may be needed.

  • Do the wires stand away from the body at the centre front or sit on breast tissue? Do the cups lift away from the chest when the arms are lifted?

Solution: Either a smaller back size and/or a larger cup size are needed.

  • Is the band uncomfortable or too tight? Is the hook and eye straining? Is the under band riding up?

Solution: A larger back size is needed.



  • The straps should be comfortable and not dig in. The support comes from the under band.
  • There should be no wrinkling on the cups and no space/ bulging between the breast and the wire. The wire should sit comfortably and away from breast tissue
  • The breast should be fully encased by the bra; there should not be space at the top of the cup or bulging of breast tissue. The wire should sit comfortably encasing the breast.
  • Wires should sit close to the chest and the bra should stay in place when the arms are lifted
  • The under band should be firm, but not uncomfortable and should sit horizontal across the back and not ride up.